Adam Kokesh Arrested By Obamas Gestapo.

May 21, 2013



May 20, 2013


Every American both left and right should be outraged at this video of Obama .

May 18, 2013

Every American Should Be Outrage By This Video..


Obama And His IRS Gestapo

May 10, 2013



Read More About The Obama GESTAPO


May 9, 2013


1. The German ( American ) internal security police as organized under the Nazi/ Obama regime, known for its terrorist methods directed against those suspected of treason or questionable loyalty. ( it’s people )
2. gestapo pl.
( Department of Homeland Security
Searches your house without warrants for the good of the country )
Nsa spy on you reads your emails bank statement and so on!!

ge·sta·pos A police organization that employs terroristic methods to control a populace. ( fast and furious ) elections )
Contestant propaganda clips on Abc NBC CBS Fox Cnn News )

1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of the German/
( American ) security police organized under the Nazi ( Obama ) regime.
2. gestapo Of, relating to, or characteristic of terroristic police methods or operations: gestapo tactics.
( Boston, Waco, Ruby Ridge,