Proof That American Voters Are Hypocrites Whose Views Flip-Flop When Their Party Is In The White House

June 12, 2013

That’s a stark shift from a similar question in 2006, which asked whether voters found it acceptable that the NSA had been “investigating people suspected of terrorist involvement by secretly listening in on phone calls and reading emails without court approval.” That time, only 37 percent of Democrats found it acceptable, while an astounding 75 percent of Republicans called it acceptable.

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NSA Data Used To Harass Americans!

June 12, 2013


Thomas Jefferson Quotes

June 10, 2013

“If your government is big enough to give you everything you want, it is big enough to take away everything you have.”

Obama Lies About Data Collection

June 10, 2013


Edward Snowden, the self-revealed whistle-blower at the National Security Agency, explains that part of the reason he decided to come forward was because President Obama did not roll back the surveillance measures put into place by the Bush Administration.
“A lot of people in 2008 voted for Obama. I did not vote for him. I voted for a third party,” Snowden said in an i nterview with the Guardian. “But I believed in Obama’s promises. I was going to disclose it [but waited because of his election]. He continued with the policies of his predecessor.”
Snowden acknowledged that he watched Obama struggle as he attempted to justify the surveillance programs during his press conference on Friday.

“My immediate reaction was he was having difficulty in defending it himself,” Snowden said about Obama. “He was trying to defend the unjustifiable and he knew it.”

Snowden referred to a “grassroots movement” planning to take to the streets on July 4 in defense of the Fourth Amendment. The movement is called “Restore The Fourth Amendment,” and grew out of the Reddit community.

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He Lies Daily…

June 10, 2013


You Government Is Watching You!

June 10, 2013


Sad Yet So True

June 6, 2013